I’m a twentysomething.
A Londoner.
I call the Church of England ‘home’, but I first went there at 16.

I work behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.
I like – no, love – musical theatre.
But I can easily spend the evening lost in Christopher Marlowe.

Once upon a time I was really into gaming.
Time went on, and that’s faded.
I only occasionally dabble in video games now.

I really like good food.
I think cooking is a great metaphor for life.
The best laid plans can all fall apart if you add too much chilli.
But it makes it more exciting.

Three years of my life took place in the north of England, where I got a degree in English Literature.
I have a dream to one day go and live in New York.
I want to travel the world, but right now I don’t have those resources.

Most of my childhood centred around playing the piano.
I was bad at sports.
I don’t play the piano much any more, and I miss it.

I would say I’m a 4.5 on the Kinsey scale.
Maybe a 5.

Here’s a bit more about me and what on earth I’m doing here.
These are some of the people whose words have helped me get here.
Feel free to get in touch.

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